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[EF# 4] Please, Doraemon!

I only had one tool in mind when I heard about this week’s topic. None other than Dokodemo Door (Anywhere Door). It’s so predictable and a bit boring, huh?
For a person like me who is undergoing a long distance marriage, the tool is the perfect gift from up above. I wanted this so bad.


Until we found out that we’re expecting last week. I then changed my mind in a split second.
Pregnant with an underlying medical condition never once crossed my mind. Half ignorant and mostly, because I’m simply dumb, I thought that being pregnant means getting to eat whatever you want (cue the cravings!), getting all the attentions from family members, friends and colleagues, getting gifts, well, pretty much all the pretty things 😛 Yes, I am that shallow!

Things are a little different with me. Yes, my morning sickness lasts all day long, no vomiting (well, I try not to!) but constant nausea and headache haunt my daily life. Not to mention fatigue and short of breathing. I’m not complaining here, as I believe those are the perks of being pregnant 😀
Although my gynae is very calm and assuring, she has explained beforehand what sort of tests and scans I will be getting. “Nothing serious, just the normal ones”, she said.
Things are ok for now, but a very careful watch needs to be done starting next month.

Again, I am not complaining. The thought of skipping all of these processes and just go into labor never once crossed my mind. I swear!!
I enjoy this. I’m trying to. ❤

Like every mother, I just want my baby to be ok. So please, Doraemon! Give me a tool to communicate with my baby! I want to know that he/she is doing fine or if he/she is hungry or tired.

I’m not sure if Jelly Translator could help me.



I was actually expecting a small device like a tin can (or, cup) telephone. Like this one. Oh my, this one is surely cute! ❤ ❤ ❤


Any tool is okay though, as long as it serves my purpose.
So, please, Doraemon! Help!


[EF] #3 – How gadgets affect my life

This post is going to be ultra short. And it is going to be (slightly) off topic too. I’m not a gadget freak. I only have a mobile phone (a very old BB!) and a tablet. The BB ( I do not need to mention what it stands for, do I?) is my main communication tool, mainly used for calling, texting and WA. The tablet was initially used for video chatting  with Mr. Husband. Now, it’s solely for youtube-ing (watching Upin Ipin!! Me likey! :mrgreen:). For those who are new to this blog, my husband and I are not living under the same roof aka LDR. And WA is our only tool to stay in touch with each other. Without WA (and internet connection), most probably we’ll stay in touch through snail mail. Oh my! 😂 Bee-tee-dub, I’m currently blogging from NUH (National University Hospital). Using my mobile phone. I’m not going to share how gadgets affect my life here. Please spare me as I’m waiting for my turn now (doctor appoinment, scans, injection, pharmacy 😂). It’s probably out of topic (please don’t punish me) but I feel grateful right now. I’m GRATEFUL that I have a mobile phone with me. And internet connection. I’m grateful that I have dearest friends (whom I never meet in persons) who gave moral supports through WA messages in BEC group chat. I’m anxious and nervous. And going through all of the medical examinations alone? I was practically a hot mess. But it didn’t last that long. One of the admins approached me with a heartwarming message. Another one left a sweet comment saying, ” We miss you!”. My dearest partner (in crime, ha!☺) went on to check and rummaging her house (ahem!!) to send a picture of snotsucker. And many “get well soon” messages from the members. I’m overwhelmed. Look at how a mobile phone ( and internet connection) changed my mood. So, how gadgets affect me?  I don’t know. But, one thing I know for sure, gadget ( WA to be exact) + friends (BEC friends) = AWESOME! 👍 Posted from WordPress for Android

[EF] #2 – My Wildest Dream

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go

Andy Williams – The Impossible Dream


Before I go ahead yapping about my wildest dream, please check out the disclaimer below.

1. Brace yourself! The post may contain some yucky ingredients. Gagging and a slight dizziness may occur as the side effects of this post. You’ll live, relax! 😛 Rest assured there’s no graphic content (of snot, Ha!) in it. You can thank me later. You’re welcome 😀

2. Some of you, my dearest readers may swear to never open my blog, ever again after this post. Please don’t do that, pretty please? 😀 *wink wink*

Trust me! I was planning to write something eloquently beautiful. Something profound I’d like to call as my masterpiece but, I’m in foul mood, totally annoyed with my current condition. So, here’s my wildest dream. Are you ready?

I’ve been sick since weekend. It started out with a sore throat and escalated to endless coughing and fever. Fever is something I fear most. So on Monday, I went to the clinic nearby straight away. The clinic was full with other sickies. Ouch. 😦

After so many waiting sessions ( for my queue to see the doctor, a full blood count test, waiting for result, another session with the doctor and queuing  at the pharmacy and payment desk) 😦 the result was common flu. Thank God, it was nothing serious. And it was a viral infection, hence, antibiotic wasn’t needed.

Sounds good? NOT.

It’s Friday now, the fifth day after I went to see the doctor and I’m still covered in snotty. And let’s not talk about the phlegm,shall we? My throat is not itchy but I keep on coughing as my body seems trying to get rid of it. I hate the phlegm. I’m turning off almost all of electronic stuffs (AC and fan) in my room, as an effort (a desperate one, I must say!) to minimize if not, lessen whatever factor that may trigger the flu.  Nothing. Nada. 😦  Instead, I’m now sweating like nobody  business.

Wait, what was the topic again? Ah yeah, my wildest dream. Right now, I’m dreaming to create, no wait, let me find a better word.*thinkinghard* Ehm, I’m dreaming to invent a tool to suck snot and phlegm. I’ll call it snotty-sucker.  Isn’t it a kewl (I just have to write it this way because it’s super cool, y’know?)  and jaw-dropping invention, huh? 😀

Quite self-explanatory, snotty-sucker is basically a tool to suck your snot and phlegm. I do aware that snotty-sucker doesn’t sound good but, I can think of another name for the branding later. The tagline will either be;

–  You got snots? Get our snotty-sucker and you’ll be snotty-free!

–  Snotty-sucker will vanish your stubborn snot!

Ah I can also think of it later. I can get my marketing team to think and come out with something. I bet it’s going to be world no.1 selling product. *jumping with excitement*

Imagine how much money I can make from selling the product? Flu is a common disease. It can contract anyone, children, teenager or adult in any part of the world. I’m so going to be rich!! 😀 😀

Until I found the followings in Google.


Nose sucker




Dang it!! I was late!!! 😦  There’s already something called nose sucker in the market. And even a product that goes with the name “snotsucker”. There goes my dream!! Oh Nooo*cry*

[EF] A Word for 2015: BETTER

I’m joining the challenge from Nita and Mas Dani .


I’ve been working and living in Singapore for years. English is the language here. You may raise your eyebrows and question my sanity upon joining the challenge. Why banana, why? *total exaggeration* 😛

The thing is, English is not my native language. Living here for years doesn’t justify my English proficiency. And also, it is so much easier to use Singlish instead.Even the government here has been campaigning “Speak good English movement” to encourage Singaporeans to speak grammatically correct English. This initiative is coming from a country with English as de facto language. While me? I grew up in Indonesia where Bahasa Indonesia is commonly used (of course!)  and I learned English only from school (during junior and high school). So basically I’m just a grain of sand in the ocean with very little understanding on the language. I feel there are many areas that need to be improved. Thus, I found the initiative to learn and practise together online via WA group with fellow Indonesians across the globe as a helping hand from the above to improve my English. Plus, I’m also getting to know new friends. Scored!! 😀

So here is my post for the challenge this week, “What is your word for 2015”.

I have hinted here on what or how I want to be this year. Even though I said that I don’t have any specific New Year’s resolution this year.

BETTER is my grand theme for this year. This may be cliché but, I want to be better. “BETTER” resonates with a positive vibe within myself providing self-assurance, and confident to strive for more. it  helps me to be super optimistic. 😀

So, here I am. Striving to be better. Better person, sister, and wife. I consider joining this challenge itself is an act for me to achieve it 🙂

I want to also have a better understanding on how to plan our family financial. Financial plan is a huge and heavy topic for me, and frankly speaking, is something I’m dreaded to get in touch with. We (husband and me) have to pay our housing loan and it has forced me to face what I fear most all this time. We have to start planning in making ends meet *faint* 😦

Better at cooking is another goal for me this year. I’m a terrible cook. I know stuffs, trust me I know how to distinct pepper seed and coriander seed *smug* 😛 But I keep cooking the same dishes, mainly sautéed vegetable or soup. I want to try cooking “sambal goreng kentang” this year. Hopefully, this will help me be a better wife. Amen for that 🙂

Now please tell me, what’s your word for this year?