[EF] #3 – How gadgets affect my life

This post is going to be ultra short. And it is going to be (slightly) off topic too. I’m not a gadget freak. I only have a mobile phone (a very old BB!) and a tablet. The BB ( I do not need to mention what it stands for, do I?) is my main communication tool, mainly used for calling, texting and WA. The tablet was initially used for video chatting  with Mr. Husband. Now, it’s solely for youtube-ing (watching Upin Ipin!! Me likey! :mrgreen:). For those who are new to this blog, my husband and I are not living under the same roof aka LDR. And WA is our only tool to stay in touch with each other. Without WA (and internet connection), most probably we’ll stay in touch through snail mail. Oh my! 😂 Bee-tee-dub, I’m currently blogging from NUH (National University Hospital). Using my mobile phone. I’m not going to share how gadgets affect my life here. Please spare me as I’m waiting for my turn now (doctor appoinment, scans, injection, pharmacy 😂). It’s probably out of topic (please don’t punish me) but I feel grateful right now. I’m GRATEFUL that I have a mobile phone with me. And internet connection. I’m grateful that I have dearest friends (whom I never meet in persons) who gave moral supports through WA messages in BEC group chat. I’m anxious and nervous. And going through all of the medical examinations alone? I was practically a hot mess. But it didn’t last that long. One of the admins approached me with a heartwarming message. Another one left a sweet comment saying, ” We miss you!”. My dearest partner (in crime, ha!☺) went on to check and rummaging her house (ahem!!) to send a picture of snotsucker. And many “get well soon” messages from the members. I’m overwhelmed. Look at how a mobile phone ( and internet connection) changed my mood. So, how gadgets affect me?  I don’t know. But, one thing I know for sure, gadget ( WA to be exact) + friends (BEC friends) = AWESOME! 👍 Posted from WordPress for Android


12 thoughts on “[EF] #3 – How gadgets affect my life

    1. NanaBanana Post author

      It’s a shaky start this year. I still firmly believe it’s going to be better though. BEC indeed helped me through my current situation, a lot! in a way I never imagine before.
      Shall we chat then? We’ll bring smile to each other’s face 🙂

    1. NanaBanana Post author

      Christa,,thanks, I’m loving the warm hug! 🙂 I started off this year with a shaky start. 😦
      Hope it all be over soon. *spellingmantraoverandoveragain*

  1. santi

    without gadget, sure you wont know me laaah. *cinglish: cibubur english* 😀
    except, we meet somewhere in giant cimanggis’ rows 😀 😀

  2. Anggun

    I am also grateful because gadget has made me meet wonderful new friends online (like you!)

    Hope everything will turn out great for you Mbak *hugs*

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