[EF# 4] Please, Doraemon!

I only had one tool in mind when I heard about this week’s topic. None other than Dokodemo Door (Anywhere Door). It’s so predictable and a bit boring, huh?
For a person like me who is undergoing a long distance marriage, the tool is the perfect gift from up above. I wanted this so bad.


Until we found out that we’re expecting last week. I then changed my mind in a split second.
Pregnant with an underlying medical condition never once crossed my mind. Half ignorant and mostly, because I’m simply dumb, I thought that being pregnant means getting to eat whatever you want (cue the cravings!), getting all the attentions from family members, friends and colleagues, getting gifts, well, pretty much all the pretty things 😛 Yes, I am that shallow!

Things are a little different with me. Yes, my morning sickness lasts all day long, no vomiting (well, I try not to!) but constant nausea and headache haunt my daily life. Not to mention fatigue and short of breathing. I’m not complaining here, as I believe those are the perks of being pregnant 😀
Although my gynae is very calm and assuring, she has explained beforehand what sort of tests and scans I will be getting. “Nothing serious, just the normal ones”, she said.
Things are ok for now, but a very careful watch needs to be done starting next month.

Again, I am not complaining. The thought of skipping all of these processes and just go into labor never once crossed my mind. I swear!!
I enjoy this. I’m trying to. ❤

Like every mother, I just want my baby to be ok. So please, Doraemon! Give me a tool to communicate with my baby! I want to know that he/she is doing fine or if he/she is hungry or tired.

I’m not sure if Jelly Translator could help me.



I was actually expecting a small device like a tin can (or, cup) telephone. Like this one. Oh my, this one is surely cute! ❤ ❤ ❤


Any tool is okay though, as long as it serves my purpose.
So, please, Doraemon! Help!


16 thoughts on “[EF# 4] Please, Doraemon!

  1. Nadia Khaerunnisa

    It’s a good thing that you get morning sickness, enjoy 🙂 It is a really good sign for your healthy pregnancy. My gynae once said, if you feel like throwing up, it means the fetus is developing well ❤

  2. riemikan

    Whatta great news mbak Nana!!!!!!!!!!!! I am envious!!!!!! Just awesome. Congrats! So I guess the week long torture last week was a sign of the pregnancy 🙂 So happy for you. I think now you need feet massage thing more than the anywhere door. LOL

    1. NanaBanana Post author

      You will be having one too, Inshaa Allah. HIS will and not ours.
      I called it the perks of being pregnant, so I’m trying to get along with the nausea, constant headache. and bloating!

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  4. Ryan

    Mba Nana, hopefully your baby and you are ok Mba.
    Your last picture remind me of my childhood. Using two cans and a long rope, I can talk to my brother and sister in different room. 😀


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