[EF] A Word for 2015: BETTER

I’m joining the challenge from Nita and Mas Dani .


I’ve been working and living in Singapore for years. English is the language here. You may raise your eyebrows and question my sanity upon joining the challenge. Why banana, why? *total exaggeration* 😛

The thing is, English is not my native language. Living here for years doesn’t justify my English proficiency. And also, it is so much easier to use Singlish instead.Even the government here has been campaigning “Speak good English movement” to encourage Singaporeans to speak grammatically correct English. This initiative is coming from a country with English as de facto language. While me? I grew up in Indonesia where Bahasa Indonesia is commonly used (of course!)  and I learned English only from school (during junior and high school). So basically I’m just a grain of sand in the ocean with very little understanding on the language. I feel there are many areas that need to be improved. Thus, I found the initiative to learn and practise together online via WA group with fellow Indonesians across the globe as a helping hand from the above to improve my English. Plus, I’m also getting to know new friends. Scored!! 😀

So here is my post for the challenge this week, “What is your word for 2015”.

I have hinted here on what or how I want to be this year. Even though I said that I don’t have any specific New Year’s resolution this year.

BETTER is my grand theme for this year. This may be cliché but, I want to be better. “BETTER” resonates with a positive vibe within myself providing self-assurance, and confident to strive for more. it  helps me to be super optimistic. 😀

So, here I am. Striving to be better. Better person, sister, and wife. I consider joining this challenge itself is an act for me to achieve it 🙂

I want to also have a better understanding on how to plan our family financial. Financial plan is a huge and heavy topic for me, and frankly speaking, is something I’m dreaded to get in touch with. We (husband and me) have to pay our housing loan and it has forced me to face what I fear most all this time. We have to start planning in making ends meet *faint* 😦

Better at cooking is another goal for me this year. I’m a terrible cook. I know stuffs, trust me I know how to distinct pepper seed and coriander seed *smug* 😛 But I keep cooking the same dishes, mainly sautéed vegetable or soup. I want to try cooking “sambal goreng kentang” this year. Hopefully, this will help me be a better wife. Amen for that 🙂

Now please tell me, what’s your word for this year?


31 thoughts on “[EF] A Word for 2015: BETTER

  1. miwwa

    I like Singlish. I have several Singaporeans as acquaintances and I found Singlish is funny. Simple sentences like “How come you never makan?” or “How la you” made me laugh so hard :))

    1. NanaBanana Post author

      It’s very easy, indeed. It’s a mixture of English with the “local” languages here.
      As a matter of fact, I’m having a hard time to hide the Singlish part of me when I’m dealing with my customers. Aiyoohh!!!

  2. riemikan

    Hello Banana, orange is calling banana 😆
    I can sense your spirit in your writing. Awesomeness!!! (just made up that word). Who doesn’t want to be better? I am totally with you on this one.

    1. NanaBanana Post author

      Ahh, this conversation reminds me of Mork and Mindy. *agerevealing*
      Banana is calling Orange. Come in Orange!!
      Please do not delete my name from your contact list. I really am young at heart. Pinky promise! 😀
      I still need to learn a lot to write a good piece. And getting an awesome thumbs-up from an awesome person like you? AWESOME!

      1. riemikan

        Great minds think alike banana! Bahahahaha….ya gt deh klo generasinya ga jauh…tontonannya sama. Btw I loved that show!!! Why would I delete you banana? Afterall we are the fruity clan. LOL
        Hope you are feeling better btw.

      2. NanaBanana Post author

        I’m mostly covered in snotty *yikes*, my head is pounding 😦
        The group chat cheers me a lot though, thank God for meeting you guys 😀
        Ditulis sambil merapel “badai (flu) pasti berlalu” huhuuu

  3. Sandrine Tungka

    Somehow I can not see any differences between english and singlish nowadays because I work for a company that regionally based in Singapore. So my Japanese boss (who apparently doesn’t fluent in English) always mocks at me if I translate using English rather than Singlish. He thinks that my translation is wrong although I have put all of my effort to translate the document… Hahaha…
    But singlish is easier to be understood, learning real English is painful though!!! 😀

    1. NanaBanana Post author

      Hi, Sandrine!
      In writting, it is not that “visible”. But, you’ll spot it right away on verbal conversation.
      Waittt, I’ve been lurking around your blog ( I’m shy, don’t judge me please) but I never knew you are working with Japanese. And doing translation? From JPN to ENG? Oh my *bow*
      I need to practise my nihongo with you then, and Beby too, I guess 🙂

      1. Sandrine Tungka

        Eh.. nonono… I mean Indonesian to English. I can’t speak japanese nor read one paper of it. But I still try to learn from the basic which I find veryyyyyy hhhhaaarrdddd 😀

  4. dhilo

    Spore is the first place I planned to go since the last 2 years.
    Nice to jumping her kak nana, kalau rencana sy terwujud, ajakin muter2 sg yaaa :”))

    1. NanaBanana Post author

      Hi, Dhilo! Thanks for visiting. Just did a quick look at your blog and I’m mesmerized with the beauty of..Bromo! Ok, you’re also pretty, cantik! *ngerayu* *jawil pipi*.
      Spore is indeed a nice place, and it’s very near from our country. Do let me know if you’re flying in, I’ll be more than happy to be your guide 🙂

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    1. NanaBanana Post author

      Salam kenal juga, Mbak Wien !
      Saya intip bentar blog-nya, and I’m hooked!
      Masya ALlah, rasanya nemu suhu buat belajar tanam menanam (halahh bahasa apa).
      Ntar jangan bosen ditanya-tanyain ya mbak.
      Ijin juga buat follow blognya.

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