[EF] #2 – My Wildest Dream

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go

Andy Williams – The Impossible Dream


Before I go ahead yapping about my wildest dream, please check out the disclaimer below.

1. Brace yourself! The post may contain some yucky ingredients. Gagging and a slight dizziness may occur as the side effects of this post. You’ll live, relax! 😛 Rest assured there’s no graphic content (of snot, Ha!) in it. You can thank me later. You’re welcome 😀

2. Some of you, my dearest readers may swear to never open my blog, ever again after this post. Please don’t do that, pretty please? 😀 *wink wink*

Trust me! I was planning to write something eloquently beautiful. Something profound I’d like to call as my masterpiece but, I’m in foul mood, totally annoyed with my current condition. So, here’s my wildest dream. Are you ready?

I’ve been sick since weekend. It started out with a sore throat and escalated to endless coughing and fever. Fever is something I fear most. So on Monday, I went to the clinic nearby straight away. The clinic was full with other sickies. Ouch. 😦

After so many waiting sessions ( for my queue to see the doctor, a full blood count test, waiting for result, another session with the doctor and queuing  at the pharmacy and payment desk) 😦 the result was common flu. Thank God, it was nothing serious. And it was a viral infection, hence, antibiotic wasn’t needed.

Sounds good? NOT.

It’s Friday now, the fifth day after I went to see the doctor and I’m still covered in snotty. And let’s not talk about the phlegm,shall we? My throat is not itchy but I keep on coughing as my body seems trying to get rid of it. I hate the phlegm. I’m turning off almost all of electronic stuffs (AC and fan) in my room, as an effort (a desperate one, I must say!) to minimize if not, lessen whatever factor that may trigger the flu.  Nothing. Nada. 😦  Instead, I’m now sweating like nobody  business.

Wait, what was the topic again? Ah yeah, my wildest dream. Right now, I’m dreaming to create, no wait, let me find a better word.*thinkinghard* Ehm, I’m dreaming to invent a tool to suck snot and phlegm. I’ll call it snotty-sucker.  Isn’t it a kewl (I just have to write it this way because it’s super cool, y’know?)  and jaw-dropping invention, huh? 😀

Quite self-explanatory, snotty-sucker is basically a tool to suck your snot and phlegm. I do aware that snotty-sucker doesn’t sound good but, I can think of another name for the branding later. The tagline will either be;

–  You got snots? Get our snotty-sucker and you’ll be snotty-free!

–  Snotty-sucker will vanish your stubborn snot!

Ah I can also think of it later. I can get my marketing team to think and come out with something. I bet it’s going to be world no.1 selling product. *jumping with excitement*

Imagine how much money I can make from selling the product? Flu is a common disease. It can contract anyone, children, teenager or adult in any part of the world. I’m so going to be rich!! 😀 😀

Until I found the followings in Google.


Nose sucker




Dang it!! I was late!!! 😦  There’s already something called nose sucker in the market. And even a product that goes with the name “snotsucker”. There goes my dream!! Oh Nooo*cry*

29 thoughts on “[EF] #2 – My Wildest Dream

      1. NanaBanana Post author

        @Mikan : Darl, I want, no, DEMAND a picture! Puhlease 🙂
        So sad that I have to say goodbye to my wildest dream, but I know I want to get this tool. Stat!

      2. NanaBanana Post author

        I’m not allowed to take “medications” at the moment. I know nebulator will work like charm (a bit tedious though..ugh!) but, the snotty-sucker can be used any time, any place, so easy! *masi usaha promo*

    1. NanaBanana Post author

      Mb Monda, that’s a very encouraging comment. Thank you. maybe i should go on and pursue this dream, what do you think? *After clearing my snot first, of course* 🙂

  1. riemikan

    “Yapping” – this is so Singaporean! “Ms. Yap” lol. Great that you can join the post banana. I think you are recovering already from the tone of this post. Drink plenty of water and please minimize your yapping for the time being 😊

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  3. Ryan

    Mba Nana. We miss you. Get well soon Mba. I had cold also last week. Well, still am actually. But better now.

    I am wondering (wandering – which one is correct term Mba?), who will suck the snot? Ourselves?

    1. NanaBanana Post author

      Mas Ryan, thank you very much for the kind attention. I’m recuperating (I’m trying, I really do!). Trying to catch up with reading our member’s post.
      Btw, it is wondering.
      Wandering = walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way, travel aimlessly. In bahasa, somehow I usually translate it as berkelana, mengembara. cmiiw
      Who will suck the snot? The tool which I dreamt on inventing. Well you can ask your loved one to do it for you though, but really? ha ha 🙂

  4. aminocte

    This is another kind of ‘wildest dream’. I never thought of inventing something if I was sick. I just desperately prayed for my health and wellness 😀 and try some non-pharmacological approaches.
    Your wildest dream had been thought by a person years ago, and he/she got the chance to turn it into a useful product earlier than you, Mba Nana 🙂
    I love your writing, it’s kinda ‘blak-blakan’ yet amusing :).

    1. NanaBanana Post author

      Hi, Ami! I wrote the post out of frustration. Clearing the snot is a pain in a**. Pardon my language here, dear!
      I am not a good writer, actually.Somehow, I’m good at writing a silly piece just like this one 🙂
      Not sure if I have to be happy or sad with that. Thoughts?

      1. aminocte

        I am okay with that phrase, Mba, no worries 🙂
        No, it’s not silly at all 🙂 You have to be happy with that, since I wish I can write like you to free up my mind :D. Sometimes, I feel my writing is a bit rigid.

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