The day I lost my words

Note: tulisan ini saya buat minggu lalu, Jumat 7 November 2014, sesuai dengan hari kejadian. Awalnya adalah email ceracau kemarahan yang saya curhatkan kepada seorang sahabat. Saya baca berulang kali sebelum memutuskan untuk mempostingnya hari ini disini.  Sungguh, ini topik yang berat, yet, sensitive, tapi saya niatkan sebagai sharing, because, sharing is caring kan ? 🙂


It started out innocently.
This security guy greeted and asked why I was working on hari raya eid al-adha day.
I’m wearing hijab so it’s obvious that I’m a moslem and shouldn’t be working on this festive day.
Oh btw, the eid day was on Sunday (5th oct) and by default, the following day (6th which was Monday) is a public holiday here in SG. I was working on Monday, the public holiday.

Ok, back to this security uncle.
He was seating at the receptionist desk near the entrance.
I entered my office building, and he greeted from his seat.
He asked why I work on public holiday, and where’s my abang (means husband).
Please note that during the conversation, I never came near his seat. I just slowed my walking pace and answered, its public holiday today and the eid was yesterday. I did my prayer already.
And said “ my abang tak ada”.
Which is true. My husband is not here, he’s in Jakarta.
But, I don’t have to explain that right? I owe him nothing.
Anyway I did my answering while I continue walking towards the lift.

Ever since that day, he would greet when he happened to be working at my office building. Nothing weird.
Just the usual “good morning, and how are you” kind of greeting.

Fyi, there are in total 3 office buildings here, which are managed under the same management. Let’s say building A, B and C which are located next to each other. My office is inside building B.

Until today.
He was working in building A.
It’s normal for me to go to my office by entering building A first.
He handed me a news paper and said, give me your phone number.
“When you’re free, I’ll take you to karaoke” he said.


I was so disgusted by his gesture.
I walked away in shock.
He stood up and walked towards me. Saying “I’m serious. Give me your number”.

I was so shock that I lost my words.


9 thoughts on “The day I lost my words

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  2. emaknyashira

    naa, masha Allah (atw mestinya ditulis masya or macya zzzz)
    Gw udah baca lanjutannya sih, tapii memang lebih baik kalo kita membangun duri-duri bagai kaktus kalo gw biasanya bermuka super jutek dan gak pernah ramah sama orang asing atau yang gw gak terlalu kenal. I’ve learn the hard way , hurt by someone i barely know. sungguh t#i sekali pengalaman itu *esmoni*

    1. NanaBanana Post author

      Iya nih mbak, keknya kudu dikencengin lagi mukanya *brb botox..botox teri tapinyee*
      maksudnya dikencengin juteknya… itu jawabnya sambil ngeloyor dan ogah2an loh padahal.
      huh!!! waduhh pernah ngalamin ya mbak? coba cerita atuh…mungkin beserta tips and tricks buat pasang wajah jutek *salim ama suhu etty*


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